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Stung Sen River

In March of this year (2011) The Lake Clinic began providing health care to villages along the Stung Sen River. The Stung Sen runs from the "neck" of the Tonle Sap--where the Tonle Sap River meets the Tonle Sap Lake--and follows an extremely serpentine path North and East to ultimately end near the Thai border. During the low season--when lake water levels can be less than 50cm--the TLC-1 has been moved to the Stung Sen. Services to the floating villages in Siem Reap and Kompong Thom continue using rented boats. To view a map of the combined coverage areas of The Lake Clinic please click here.

TLC's "Team B" has had 1300 cases in these past two months. Doctor Korng Sombun is leading that team along with the occasional volunteer. (Thank you Charo. Thank you Hal.) The TLC-1's skipper, Aly, is there along with our new midwife, Chhoum Sary.

The TLC-1 at riverside.

Prior to beginning services on the Stung Sen, the TLC team surveyed the area from Chhnuk Tru to Kompong Thom Town. Here are some images from that time.
TLC's General Manage, Sakhem, poses with a group of villagers.

Most people live in small, isolated settlements of less than 10 houses along this segment of the river.

24 years old and only one of her three babies have survived so far.

Dr. Charo Martinez (Spain/Singapore) broke her arm during her first week with TLC. She went right back to work, and as she is left-handed she didn't miss a beat. Also pictured is Dr. Sombun, TLC's Medical Officer.

Dr. Hal Kussick provides treatment while TLC-1's pilot, mechanic and cook takes on the role of assistant.