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Sunday, 13 July 2008


Early Sunday morning the staff of TLC, friends and the constructors of The TLC-1 came together at Sweline Boats in Phnom Penh for a traditional blessing of our long-awaited craft.
Sarya Sok, The Mieko and Pov Star ("Sineth") prepare food for the monks and guests while Riki looks on.
(Riki has yet to conform to tradition)

Mr. Samphaut assists a Venerable Monk in blessing the TLC-1's interior.

The Staff of Sweline Boats with Mr. PA Bergstrom and wife


This was nerve-wracking.

Raising the TLC-1 off of her pallets for preparation for transferring to aflatbed truck.

Almost ready to breathe again.

Apparently unimpressed.

Through the streets of Phnom Penh.


We had planned for, and announced a 3:30 pm launching. We were right on time.

She weighed-in at 6 tons!

The Dragonfly, with TLC's guests, awaits off side for The Big Moment--will the TLC-1 float?

Not only did she float, but a rare Cambodian rainbow came to add its blessing.


The Dragonfly hosted the launch party for 70 guests.

Photo: Nhean Sakhem
Those guests had a unique perspective on the launch.

Photo: Nhean Sakhem
The Dragonfly comes along side to deliver much needed and much appreciated refreshments to the riders of The TLC.

Ms. Arun Sinketh passes a bouquet.

Photo: Nhean Sakhem
Guests were required to listen to one rather long-winded speech by Jon Morgan in return for all the food and drinks.

Photo: Nhean Sakhem
Arun finds herself in a strangely familiar role; making Jon look good.

The VIP Deck.



All Photos, unless otherwise noted, are thanks to Daniel C. Rothenberg.

Special thanks to Ralf Regitz for bringing his practical seamanship skills and patience all the way from Germany to Cambodia. To Dr. Hal Kussick for doing nothing less than riding across Australia in the service of TLC.

And a big thanks to Will, Matt, and Nick of Jungle Journeys for taking all those guests aboard The Dragonfly. We expected only 40, but the final count was 70.

As well as Sopheap, Sakhem, Samphaut, Reachsey, Sunny, Sara, Kunthea, Sarya, Saiya, The Mieko, Pov Star Sanithe, and Alex. They made the party a party.