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21 July 2009

Departed from TLC Home Port, Kompong Khleang at 0810
Sambun, Savann, Kim, Aly and Jon on board.
Weather, overcast with light breeze and moments of rain.
Slight rolling waves. Aly at the helm.
Kim seasick.

Arrived Moat Klas Village 1041
Distance travelled, 31.4 km
Moving Time, 2h 51m
Average Speed, 11.5 kph
Maximum Speed, 13.4 kph

Materials and supplies off-loaded.

Clinic registered first patient at 12noon.

1800: Clinic closed. 50 patients seen

22 July 2009

0600: Breakfast and coffee.
0630: Begin Clinic
1010: Last patient seen. 47 total for the morning.
1030: Stowed materials and departed from Moat Klas under heavy overcast skies to Steung Chrove. Travelled via inland waterway--smooth cruising.
Sambun, Savann, Kim, Aly, Jon and Srey Dei on board.

Arrived Steung Chrove Village, 1129
Distance travelled, 9.67 km
Moving Time, 59 min.
Average Speed, 9.8 kph
Maximum Speed, 12.6 kph

Materials and supplies offloaded.
Clinic began at 1300
1630, Clinic closed. 45 patients seen, mostly follow-ups from last week.

1645, Underway to Pek Chikrey
Strong winds and light rain. Inland waterway choppy.
Sambun, Savann, Kim, Aly, Jon and Srey Dei on board.

Arrived Pek Chikrey, 1803
Distance Travelled, 13.5 km
Moving Time, 1h 17m
Average Speed, 10.6 kph
Maximum Speed, 12.4 kph

Offload materials and supplies.

23 July 2009

0600 Breakfast and coffee
0645, Clinic begins
0930, Last patient seen. 44 total.
1000, Underway to Moat Klas to drop off Srey Dai, and then onward to Kompong Khleang.

Lake windy with choppy waves of half a meter. Rain squalls passed to the West.
Sambun, Savann, Kim, Aly and Jon on board.

Arrived Kompong Khleang, 1455
Distance Travelled, 54.7 km
Moving Time, 4h 55m
Average Speed, 10.8 kph
Maximum Speed, 12.3

Offloaded the TLC-1, packed the Landcruiser and arrived back at the TLC office at 1640.