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We have finally set the launch date for The TLC One. She will enter the water on the 13th of July near Phnom Penh's waterfront. As this first boat of ours is rather small, the ceremony will be small and informal; lots of saffron robed monks and flowers, but it will be short on speech-making. I promise!

The interior of the boat is coming along quickly. The shower and toilet are installed; the berths are ready for their mattress seating, and shortly after this picture was taken the stove and sink were to be installed.

Guests can view the launching either from the shoreline or from the comfort of Cambodia's newest boutique cruise ships, The Dragonfly.

Once The TLC One is in the water, all guests are invited to board The Dragonfly and cruise the Tonle Sap River for a few hours before calling it a day. Guests will be able to take turns cruising aboard The TLC One and The Dragonfly.

Members of IMPACT Forum Norway and IMPACT Cambodia have already enjoyed such a cruise prior to The Dragonfly's completion last month.

Peter Daae, President of IMPACT Forum Norway and Finn Arctander, IFN's Chairman of the Board

Brunno and Matt of Jungle Journeys explaining some of the trials and tribulations associated with their boat's construction to Peter Daae and Sophea Chunn, Chairperson of IMPACT Cambodia.

The exact time and place of the launching will be noted within a few days. We are planning (read "hoping") for a mid-morning launch on Sunday the 13th.


Captain Morgan
29 June, 2008

As always, a special thanks to Daniel C. Rothenberg for his photography.