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Our TLC-1's 200hp Yamaha outboard is dead and ready to be buried at sea--unless we can repair it "enough" so that we can sell it to a "dealer" who will use it for parts. I am in the process of working with our boat architect in Norway on ways to convert the TLC-1 to diesel. The options range from a fully local soluti...on using a used truck diesel and a long-tail, (About $8K) to an up-scale conversion using a Volvo-penta package, (still waiting quotes, but safer to say near $20K).

I wouldn't ask if I wasn't feeling a bit desperate. IMPACT-Norway working on a very big package--the construction of a new, much larger boat plus 5 years of funding it--but I am still solely responsible for keeping the TLC-1 operational. Fortunately it is the dry season and we have a ten week window to raise as much funding as possible and get the work done.

If you're moved to help, then please do so. Please see the "Donate" tabs on this website.

Thank you,