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In the last few days of May 2008 three organizations came together to explore the potentials and the strengths that each could bring to a project such as TLC.
Jon Morgan of TLC. From IMPACT-Cambodia: Keo Mom, Sapor Rendall, and Chhum Chenda Sophea. From IMPACT Forum Norway: Finn Arctander and Peter Daae

IMPACT Forum Norway is a non-profit foundation incorporated in 2001 whose overall objective is to make initiatives and mobilize resources relevant to Global IMPACT's disability prevention program. Their particular emphasis is to work towards the replication of IMPACT's successful outreach programs in other countries.

IMPACT Cambodia came into being shortly after our own TLC--December 2007--and is an independent organization within Global IMPACT's international network.

The signing of a 5-point Letter of Intent took place on 29 May, 2008 with Jon Morgan, Sophea Chhun, (Chairperson of IMPACT Cambodia) and Finn Arctander (Chairman of IMPACT Forum Norway).
The LoI is just that, a simple statement of "intent"; to explore ways of working together and mobilize resources through the remainder of 2008. There is a shared mission; shared goals, and what we all hope will be a natural synergy.

Photo Credits: Daniel C. Rothenberg